offers many possibilities for personal enrichment throughout the entire year

  • Irish Step Dance
All Levels--  Performance,  Competitive,  Recreational,  or a combination
Beginner through Advanced--  Children, Teens, Adults--  Soft and Hard shoes

  • Highland (Scottish) Dance
Beginner and Intermediate Highland

  • Adult Irish Dance
No previous dance experience of any kind necessary to begin
Low-impact light step dancing and group social dance

  • Irish Social Dance (Ceili and Set Dance)
Group social dancing-- very low to no impact, moderate pace
Appropriate for adults of any age, no experience necessary

  • Private Lessons
Available for students who prefer one-on-one instruction,
accelerated study, technical improvement, or just a little extra help

  • Custom Group Session
Small or large group--  Beginner Irish Dance and/or Group Social Dancing
One or multiple sessions--  Our studio, or at your site
Please contact us for additional information regarding any of our school offerings.  
We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see
you on the dance floor soon!
We are accepting new students at this time.
The Kellyn Celtic Arts Irish Dance program is carefully designed to provide the best
possible dance foundation, which is needed to master the exhilarating artform of Irish
Step Dance.  Kellyn maintains the highest standard of dance technique at all levels of
the dance, from our youngest beginners to our Championship-level dancers, our adult
Ceili dancers, our performance group dancers, and everything in between.  We offer
comprehensive classes for ladies and gentlemen (children and adults ages 4 and up)
at all levels of intent and intensity, in both soft and hard shoes.

Kellyn classes are small by design, with individualized attention, emphasizing proper
conditioning and technique, which is essential to the development of an excellent Irish
Dancer. All of our classes are taught by our certified teacher.  KCA provides excellent
instruction in a positive, encouraging environment.  No matter the level of experience,
there's always more to learn!
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